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New Partnership

Nourishing Partnerships:

Symposium Café Restaurant, Breakfast Club of Canada and

Brant Food For Thought Visit breakfast club at Central Public School!


BCC_Symposium at Central

Pictured above (L to R):  Cristina Caruso, Breakfast Club of Canada; Erica Fleming-Gillespie, Principal; Judy Maidment, Brant Food For Thought, and Christopher Carson, Symposium Café Restaurants.

Central Public School is happy to launch their breakfast club for another year—thanks partly to our new funding partner, Symposium Café Restaurant in Brantford! This partnership comes through Breakfast Club of Canada, who has been supporting our program for 2 years now through Brant Food For Thought.

Terry Argiropolous, owner of Symposium Group was asked why the breakfast club was something Symposium was interested in supporting. “We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that it aids in knowledge retention and learning”, Argiropoulos comments. “We take pride in exceptional food and service but also in contributing to our local communities”.

Symposium, Breakfast Club of Canada, and Brant Food For Thought are three important players in ensuring our students at Central P.S. are well-nourished every day! We are excited for the potential of this new partnership which is made possible through Symposium’s daily feature menu item sales.

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We have (2) winners of the

Breakfast Club of Canada Contest...

"How your breakfast program could use $100"

Central Public School


Tollgate Technological Skills Centre

each won a...



Central BCC



Tollgate BCC




Giving Back - Giving Thanks 2014

Thank you to Braemar House Principal, Pam Krason for organizing the "Thanks-4-Giving" nutritious food drive in support of

Brant Food For Thought and student nutrition programs.

Together, the students and their families used this opportunity

to give back to their community.

Pictured below is the generous donation of whole grain products.  Thanks for GIVING!



Welcome to Brant Food For Thought, the lead charitable organization that facilitates and supports student nutrition programs in elementary and secondary schools in Brantford, the County of Brant and Six Nations of the Grand.

We help contribute to a child’s ability to learn by providing equitable access to healthy breakfasts, meals and snacks.  Brant Food For Thought is investing in our children and youth today, for a healthy and vibrant community tomorrow.

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